Our approach.

CrowdBureau is structured into four core focus areas that will enable our clients to achieve a deeper understanding of peer-to-peer credit and equity crowdfunding sectors.

Patent with USTPO no: US-2019-0102836. Foreign patent application serial no. PCT/US18/54074.



We are developing a sophisticated technology platform that permits the storage, manipulation and display of a great deal of data and information as well as providing interactive services to selected end users for day-to-day management of the sector.

More important, the technology must enable us to:

  • Provide onboarding of data feeds / constant data sources.
  • Produce an industry standard level of data quality.
  • Provide data insight as demanded by regulators, clients, prospects, or industry standard.
  • Pass industry standard due diligence questionnaire.
  • Establish an industry standard level of stability and (managed) process driven set-up; and,
  • Establish mechanisms to monitor, identify and prevent money laundering activities.

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Asset Management &
Risk Analytics Platform

CrowdBureau will design and support asset and risk management algorithms, products, and programs and assist third parties in the structure and rating of equity and bond instruments focused on peer-to-peer platforms and small to mid-capitalization programs. Request more information.


Rating & Scoring

Utilizing this approach, CrowdBureau will collect, store and analyze individual company data and score such data against traditional valuation metrics. Additional social data concepts will be tested to determine their impact, if any, on intrinsic valuations.

Further, this model will assist in:

  • Establishing benchmarks and indices to develop and educate a growing market.
  • Developing opinions and judgments about ‘the market’ in an organized and managed process using defined methodologies.

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Trade Association

The peer to peer lending and equity crowdfunding community has not evolved to the point where it has a trade association that can speak to regulators and market participants with one voice.

CrowdBureau will work with the industry to fill this void and function as a de facto global trade association that levers and invites the peer to peer and small/mid-capitalization community to share information and ideas on an open platform basis; as well as, provide an infrastructure for global regulatory issues and concerns. Within this concept is the need to build an information portal that reflects the history and evolving taxonomy of this market segment.

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