An information technology platform that offers asset and risk management tools for the peer-to-peer lending and securities crowdfunding industry.

Who we are.

Founded by a Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act and securities crowdfunding industry pioneer. The management team and board of directors have more than 100 years of combined experience building startups in the financial services industry.

CrowdBureau is an information technology platform that collects, consolidates and unifies data from more than 90 platforms in North America, Europe, and Asia, which accounts for 80 percent of the market. Products include investment research, data analytics and asset and risk management for the peer-to-peer lending and securities crowdfunding industry.

Patent with USTPO no: US-2019-0102836. Foreign patent application serial no. PCT/US18/54074.

Research and data will promote the industry.

Third party researchers (academics, economists) are encouraged to contact us for access to the data.

CrowdBureau is seeking partnerships and collaborative working relationships that foster growth and promote the industry. And believes that it is essential,

  • to have an open network for symbology and taxonomy.
  • to test ideas through collaborative pilot programs.
  • to yield products and services that the market must have and use.
  • to contribute toward solving the financial inclusion problem.
  • to establish a universal credit model.
  • to establish standards and best practices.

If you have a custom project (e.g., research, white paper request, development of risk models), contact us.

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Supporting the intermediaries.

We support intermediaries that share data (e.g. member firms), which are governed by laws and regulations in China, the UK, Europe and the United States, and other domiciles.

CrowdBureau will produce monthly circulars on legal and regulatory developments and creates guidance enabling Asia, the European Union, the United Kingdom,   and the United States investment managers to build effective business structures. We engage actively with policymakers and other stakeholders around the world to ensure that our industry becomes among the world’s most competitive.

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Shaping a growing market.

Balancing the creation of an effective market and making sure consumers are properly protected is required to foster transparency, distribution, and liquidity, for the capital markets. Request more information.

Transparency. Distribution. Liquidity.

Fostering universal credit globally.

CrowdBureau looks forward to working with you to manage risks, navigate regulatory mandates and develop the secondary market landscape.