Risks exist.
How you manage your risk is what is important.

CrowdBureau is an information technology platform, offering asset and risk management tools for market players seeking more transparency in marketplace peer-to-peer lending and securities crowdfunding.

Patent with USTPO no: US-2019-0102836.

2017: A growing industry.

Peer-to-peer consumer and business loan trends target inequality gaps in developed and emerging countries for buyers and sellers in private markets.

“By 2025, the fastest growth is seen in the developing markets of Latin America and Asia Pacific.”

“Alternative asset classes – in particular, real assets, private equity and private debt – will more than double in size, reaching $21.1 trillion by 2025, accounting for 15% of global AuM.” —PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Defining the sector.

CrowdBureau has created tools to compare interest rates, volumes, and notional value in the peer-to-peer lending market. These tools are designed to create a common language, foster transparency and allow for a comparison of choice.

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What are the sectors?

The peer-to-peer lending market has a global footprint includes various international markets and loan types, including consumer and business loans, real estate loans, student loans, debt consolidation loans, automobile loans, renewable energy loans, and agriculture loans.

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Developing an efficient structure.

Efficient markets require transparency and tools to assess risk.

CrowdBureau provides real quantitative information from individual platforms and provides the infrastructure for retail and institutional investors, lending platforms and regulatory bodies to conduct due diligence. CrowdBureau provides:

  • Infrastructure through an information technology platform.
  • Data management including the aggregation of market data, normalization of data as the building blocks.
  • Techniques for measures and dimension pricing and risks by using sophisticated algorithms.
  • Parameterization.
  • Risks Ratings incorporating historical, financial, behavioral, social data attributes.
  • Settlement and reporting tools.
  • Regulatory tools (policies, standards and best practices).

Investors and their advisers can then compare one or more sectors before looking in detail at individual loan data.


Measuring performance.

Market participants and regulators globally are demanding greater levels of transparency.  CrowdBureau believes that there should be a common basis for comparison and have sought to facilitate this.

It is essential to identify and manage your risk in a market environment where competition, globalization, market volatility and structural changes are increasing.

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Universal System.



A common way to communicate.


Asset & Risk Management

Transparency of fundamental and quantitative data across regions and platforms.



Measure risks. An industry standard scoring model.