CrowdBureau for Developers

Developer’s API Toolkit enables Risks Management

CrowdBureau Platform APIs – become a part of the developers’ community and provide further market transparency for all market players including individual investors, institutional investors, and third party agents globally. Putting your data and knowledge to work for others.

CrowdBureau Platform Services – enables approved partners to pass listing application and ongoing loan origination performance data points. Once the data is collected, consolidated and unified – the platform will be included in the market benchmarks.

Market players will quickly be able to search for, and filter through near real-time daily, monthly and quarterly benchmarks within the context of our website or mobile app to see market activity such as interest rates, market value, and volumes globally.


A set of introductory, security, and API reference material to help you understand how to develop with CrowdBureau. Register for an API Developer’s Account.